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Energy on-demand: Mix Creates Drink

Energy drink mix is a relatively new product whose popularity is increasing with the growth of the energy drink craze. Energy is a precious commodity in the world today because it is often in short supply. People are overworked and have little or no time to rest and recharge their bodies. However, despite this continual exhaustion and perpetual fatigue, most people either refuse to or cannot change their schedules to result in less commitments and more time for rest. To meet their daily demands with the level of energy their projects and responsibilities require, many people turn to alternative ways of gaining energy, such as energy drinks, caffeine or other supplements.

Energy Drink Mix and Benefits

Energy drink mix is basically a variation on the initial product--the energy drink. Energy drinks are essentially quick-acting beverages, whose primary ingredients are caffeine, taurine and other elements, that work to create more energy--or at least the feeling of more energy--in anyone who drinks the beverage. There are a variety of brands and types of energy drinks, and although they all basically have the same function and composition, the exact ingredients vary and can have different results and side effects. Energy drinks have been increasingly marketed to athletes (especially those who participate in extreme sports), young adults, students, and overworked individuals.

Energy drink mix is more or less the same as the ready-to-drink energy beverages sold in cans, but it requires a little effort on the part of the consumer. Energy drink mix often is a powder that only requires mixing with water to become an energetic drink. Just as there are numerous types of energy drinks, there are a variety of brands of mixes, as well. Energy Fizz is one energy drink mix with a unique marketing scheme--it is sold in testtube-shaped containers. Other energy drink mixes include Maharishi Ayurveda, 3rd Wind, Zesty-Flax, Extran ThirstQuencher, etc.

Although energy drink mix essentially functions the same as energy drinks that are already in the liquid form, there are some important differences. Many energy drinks are carbonated, especially some of the most popular brands. Because energy drink mix is made into the beverage by the consumer, it is impossible for the drink to be carbonated. Although the resulting drink will have a different taste, it is often better for the body because the carbonation can sometimes have negative effects on performance, especially in athletes. Another benefit of energy drink mix is the fact that it is more portable than pre-made beverages and requires less storage space. You can carry one container full of mix, instead of two or more cans of beverage. Because drink mix requires less production effort in the factories, it is often cheaper than buying beverages, as well. Therefore, for those people relying on energy beverages for crucial energy during the day, they can spend less money on a more economical product.

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