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The Prices of Fluid Energy: What to Drink

Energy drink prices are widely variable, partly due to the many various brands and the differences in what they claim to offer. For many people, energy drink may seem too expensive to be feasible because they often come in smaller bottles or cans that ordinary soft drinks yet cost more. However, when everything is considered, energy drinks may not actually be as expensive as they seem. Consider, for example, that because of the high sugar content of soft drinks, any energy you gain from the caffeine will quickly fade and leave with a sudden "crashing" or depletion of energy. Many people attempt to remedy or prevent this problem by drinking more soda. As a result, people can easily spend a significant sum of money each day repeatedly buying soft drinks.

Energy drinks on the other hand, are designed to pack more power in the punch and provide a more substantial useful beverage. Although it might cost more at the outset and come in smaller packages, one energy drink can often easily keep you energized for half a day or more while other drinks last for only one or two hours.

Energy Drink Prices: The Different Options

Although energy drink prices do depend on which brand of energy drink you choose, there is some commonality among many of the drink prices. One of the most common sizes of energy drinks is 8.4 ounces. A good majority of the energy drinks available come in this size and cost approximately two dollars. AirForce NutriSoda Immune, Rawling R EX2 Citrus Punch, Shakti Energy Drink, and RedBull are all examples of energy drinks that fit into this price bracket. Similarly priced but more economical brands of energy drinks include Wired X3000 (16 ounces for $2), Bliss Energy Drink (12 ounces for $2), Gorilla Juice Energy Drink (12 ounces for $2), and XS Citrus Blast (8.4 ounces for $1.50).

An option that may be even cheaper for some is to consider energy products that are not sold as pre-made drinks. Zoom comes as 60 pills for $20, and you can buy Energy Fizz as a powder that is mixed with water to make the drink.

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