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Drink that Increases Energy: Try New Brands

Because of the growing craze over energy drinks, the number of energy drink brands has been increasing steadily as everyone wants to take advantage of the expanding market. The demand for energy drinks could be a direct result of people’s lives becoming busier. As people fill their lives to capacity and then add even more responsibilities, the daily schedules can become quite overwhelming, leaving little time for rest, relaxation, or sleep.

All of this activity causes stress and fatigue, but there is no time to stop for a moment and recharge the batteries. As a result, people often turn to stimulants to keep them going throughout the day and give them the energy they need to complete everything they need to do. Energy drinks are one of the more popular “stimulants” because they are quick and easy, and most have few recognizable negative side effects.

Energy Drink Brands: The Differences

The number of energy drink brands is actually much greater than people realize. RedBull has been the dominant brand for many years, probably because it was one of the first energy drinks developed. Word of mouth has been a big part of RedBull’s advertising, and as a result, many of the other options have been hidden in RedBull’s shadow.

Although there are many similarities between all the different energy drink brands, there are obviously some differences. The primary difference that distinguishes many energy drinks is the ingredient list. All energy drinks must contain something that results in an increase of energy, but there are various ways to achieve this effect. All of the energy drink brands experiment with their own unique mixture of ingredients, adding higher concentrations of some and lower concentrations of others.

If you have been locked into thinking that RedBull is your only energy drink option, it is time to consider some other choices. You have many different flavors and ingredient combinations from which you can choose, as well as prices. Here are some of the other energy drink brands that could be worth a try: Energy Fizz, Wired X3000, Power Trip Energy Drink, Bliss Energy Drink, Gorilla Juice Energy Drink, Zoom, Sobe Energy, XS Citrus Blast, Hype, Wild Bull, and Pitbull. Although these may not be as well known, one of them could have the perfect mix of ingredients that appeals to your tastes and gives you exactly the kind of energy burst that you need.

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