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Unleash the Beast: Monster Energy Drink

For those of you looking for a great-tasting, energy-boosting beverage, Monster energy drink is a great choice. Depending on your location, Monster may be a hard drink to find. You may have to go to multiple locations to find your sought after beverage. Many large gas stations have a nice variety of energy drinks, and you may get lucky if you stumble upon the right one.

Caged within a large, 16 oz. can, Monster comes with a kick that is very satisfying. The can is very attractive, one in particular being black with neon green and white writing and a green pull tab on the top of the can. Down the front side of the can are neon green claw marks, the logo for the monster drinks. This energy supplement displays its main energy-packing contents across the top ring which include: Taurine, Ginseng, B Vitamins, and also L-Carnitine. Don't forget the necessary caffeine listed within the ingredients list.

Monster Energy: The Taste

If you've ever had an energy drink, you know that they all taste close to the same, some being better than others. Monster is one of those that tastes great. The first taste may hit you if you aren't used to energy drinks. If you are familiar with them, the first taste will be very satisfying.

The taste of the drink tastes close to a sour gumball or candy and if you aren't a fan of sour/bitter things, then run away. It's not unbearably sour, but it can still pack a punch. The first sip is usually the worst. Towards the bottom of the can, it tends to become stronger. The can is carbonated, thus shaking will not bring positive results. The aftertaste is somewhat odd, and burping after drinking does not leave the most pleasant taste in your nose and mouth. That may sound gross, but we are all humans and it is a natural reaction.

Monster seems to have a good energy kick also. The buzz factor is somewhat noticeable, which helps to improve your stamina and physical performance. Monster Energy comes highly recommended by us here at Factexpert.com. Pick this drink up today!

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