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Seize The Day With BAWLS

When it comes to making an energy drink, BAWLS did it right. Born in 1997, BAWLS Guarana is specifically formulated to keep you going for a long time. The main ingredient in these drinks is the caffeine that comes from the Guarana berry. Native to the Amazonian rainforest, this berry packs a type of caffeine that is 2.5 times stronger than the common concentrations we see in coffee and soft drinks. So, if you want a drink that packs a punch, try BAWLS Guarana or Guaranexx, the sugar-free version of the latter drink.

BAWLS comes displayed with a stylish, attractive bottle with bumps for easy handling. The designers of this bottle did an amazing job because it looks great. Upon taking a sip, you will experience a clean, crisp taste of guarana that is very refreshing. Don't let the great taste fool you, however. The concentration of the caffeine in BAWLS, being the most concentrated on the market, will keep you pumped up for hours.

When To Use BAWLS

BAWLS has become very popular among college students for test cramming, LAN parties, all-nighters, or road trips. The main and basically only ingredient in BAWLS is caffeine and thus it is not recommended for use during physical activity. This drink does not come with essential vitamins and other supplements that some other drinks come with. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid BAWLS as best as you can. The bottle comes with a warning, stating the high concentration of caffeine and some should not consume this product.

Being fashioned with a great looking bottle and a smooth, great taste, BAWLS is definitely a drink worth trying. Whatever use it may be for, BAWLS will definitely keep you kicking for a long time. If you are interested in more information, visit the BAWLS website linked above. Finding a store that carries this product is easily done on their website, and you can read about the different products that they offer.

If you cannot find a local store, ordering online is also an option. You can buy a case for a great, low price and then distribute them amongst your buddies or save them for your next LAN party. Finding the right energy drink that fits your lifestyle can be hard. BAWLS offers drinks that should not be overlooked. Visiting the links provided above will help you learn more, read other people's reviews, find a store near you, or even order online!

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