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Drink Advertising and Energy Slogans

Energy drink slogans are as different as the drinks themselves, but they all work to appeal to the ideal consumer crowd. Energy drinks, unlike other beverages, are traditionally marketed to a very small, specific consumer group. For example, some energy drink brands focus on extreme sports enthusiasts, others cater to students and their energy needs, and still others try to attract the video game crowd. Because word of mouth is one of the biggest parts of energy drink advertising, the slogans used to promote and sell the products are very important. Many reveal the focus of the energy drinks’ marketing schemes because the language and content is clearly directed to a particular group of consumers.

Energy Drink Slogans: The Focus Market

If most energy drink slogans are responsible for a large part of a brand’s advertising, it is essential that they be catchy and memorable. Some of the drink names themselves act as slogans—either officially or unofficially—like Crunk and GoFast!. Because most energy drinks are appealing to the younger teenage and twenty-something generation, some of the slogans are less "sophisticated" than others. In fact, some slogans may even annoy some consumers with the audacity of their claims.

KMX Energy Drink claims that it will "Ignite Your Mind." Bomba Blue Energy Drink advertises that the beverage can "Excite your mind, excite your fantasy, and excite your chances." Many slogans indicate that their energy drinks are designed primarily for busy, active people. Consider Hype’s slogan claims ("invigorates," "refreshes the body," and "performance and endurance are enhanced") and the slogans of Guru Energy Drink ("Vitality. Ideal for workouts." and "Stamina. Great in bed.").

Other slogans likewise reveal their focus market and the youth of that group because the advertising one-liners are less serious, sillier, and even slightly rude. Spaz Juice advertises that consumers should "Drink this and feel less sucky" because it will give you "All the energy you need to annoy everybody else."

Clearly these products are designed for a younger generation concerned more about instant gratification and fast results than something more long-lasting. These catchy claims appeal to this group of consumers because they are flashy and funny, not because they impart definite truth or wisdom.

Maybe the best slogan is the most simple. If that's the case, give the "Clean Energy" of Energy Fizz a try. It's a play on their low sugar content as opposed to the high sugar content in most other drinks. While sugar can definitely give you a rush, it's also noted as the cuplrit in the "crash" that many feel after the sugar high wears off.

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