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Adding Energy to Beverage Industry: A New Drink

The energy drink industry is a smart industry that is continually developing, expanding, and using innovative marketing techniques. As a whole, the industry caters to a younger market, and some energy drink brands aim their products at a health-conscious crowd. The primary target for the majority of energy drink companies is male teenagers and young people, mostly in the 20s age bracket. It is a small segment of society and seemingly very tight market, but these potential consumers have so far been exceptionally receptive to energy drink products. The energy drink industry is not dominated by large, giant companies like the soft-drink industry, but instead characterized by stiff competition between an increasing number of smaller companies, all catering to a very select consumer base.

Energy Drink Industry: New and Innovative

The energy drink industry, though in some respects like other beverage industries, actually has some important differences. The primary distinction of the energy drink industry is the lack of one or two dominating companies. Although RedBull currently has the corner on the market because of its long-standing renown and popularity, there are many more competitors, such as Energy Fizz or Sobe Energy, that are fighting for a top place that will distinguish them from the myriad of others. Most of the small companies that are involved in the energy drink industry do not yet have a nationwide distribution, so their advertising techniques and strategies are more specific and selective.

Many energy drink companies are directing their products at very specific groups of consumers, such as extreme sports enthusiasts, video game players, or the hip-hop crowd. In fact, many of the names of the beverages clearly relate to one of these areas. Little, if any, advertising for most of these energy drinks is done with television ads. A good number of the companies sponsor extreme events and publicity stunts to promote awareness of their product to the desired consumer group. In addition to sponsoring public events, such as extreme sporting contests or video game championships, other energy drink companies rely on celebrity endorsements to promote their beverages. An example of this strategy is Lil John and his energy drink Crunk. Although the energy drink is unlike many of the other successful beverage industries, its innovation and timely product development continue to develop it into a profitable industry with great potential.

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