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Energy, Caffeine, & Overdose: Dangers of the Drink

Energy drink overdose can be a concern when people throw away moderation and turn to excess. It is a typical American mentality that if less is good, more must be better, and many people do not think that there can be too much of a good thing. Because most substances, foods, or drinks are safe when consumed only moderately, it is common for people to forget that other side effects can occur from extreme consumption or consumption over a prolonged period of time. Energy drink overdose, in terms of causing death or serious immediate health problems, is very rare, but there are significant health concerns related to excessive use of energy drinks.

Energy Drink Overdose: The Facts

One of the dangers related to energy drink overdose is that many of the drinks' most devoted fans are "extreme" by nature. For example, many energy drinks market their products specifically to extreme sports enthusiasts and people who naturally live on the extreme side of life. For these people, moderation is a forgotten concept, so it is not uncommon for them to consume many energy drinks each day. Although energy drinks are safe when used as intended, the high levels of certain ingredients in many of the drinks can have powerful effects, some even lasting long-term, especially when the ingredients build up in the body over time due to excessive consumption.

The primary ingredient in energy drinks that can cause an energy drink overdose is caffeine. It is possible to die or experience severe health problems from an overdose of caffeine, but it is rare since it would require about eighty cups of coffee to produce this effect. However, it is important to note that most energy drink are significantly more powerful and include higher levels of caffeine than coffee, so fewer energy drinks would be necessary to cause an overdose.

Aside from an energy drink overdose, there are other problems that can occur from too much caffeine. There have been scientific studies correlating too much caffeine with osteoporosis, insomnia, high blood pressure, infertility, ulcers, and heart disease. In some instances, excessive caffeine consumption can cause problems with pregnancy, including a greater risk of miscarriage. In most cases, people only need to be concerned about drinking excessive caffeine--for example, more than five cups of a normally caffeinated beverage consistently every day. If a well-balanced diet is maintained and the body does not lack essential minerals and nutrients, there will be fewer health problems, even if caffeine consumption is higher than average.

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