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Energy in Liquid Form: Drink Options and Recipe

An energy drink recipe is a popular request today because everyone seems overworked and in desperate need of energy. It is hard to handle the demanding daily schedules that seem to dictate everyone's lives, and many people need a boost to make it through each day. Some people rely on the energy drink varieties that are sold pre-made in cans and bottles, while other people choose to concoct their own, more natural varieties. Still others decide that they do not want to forgo the night-life scene because of persistent fatigue, so they decide to mix alcoholic drinks with energy drinks to get energized for some fun.

Energy Drink Recipe: Three Kinds

In the list of possibilities for an energy drink recipe, there are many different varieties. If you are interested in knowing the composition of pre-made energy drinks that are sold in stores, all you have to do is read the list of ingredients on the bottle. Common energy drink ingredients include taurine, caffeine, guarana, B vitamins, echinacea, and other minerals and natural extracts. Some drinks contain more sodium, sugar, or other ingredients, so reading the ingredient list can explain much about the drink.

For those people looking for their own energy drink recipe, there are many options--and many are healthier than pre-made energy drinks because they do not rely on high levels of caffeine or sugar for energy but natural foods and ingredients instead. These drinks will generally not give the intense surge of energy that is provided by energy drinks like Red Bull or Energy Fizz, but they will provide a longer-lasting, more functional energy. One popular and great tasting energy drink is a healthy, homemade version of a milkshake. This energy drink recipe can be easily made by combining 200ml cold milk, 1 scoop ice cream, 3 level tablespoons of skim milk powder, and fruit or other flavoring. Another similar energy drink recipe that can be made at home includes 200ml cold milk, 200ml fruit juice, fresh fruit, ice, and 1 scoop ice cream or 3 tablespoons yogurt.

A different type of energy drink recipe that is just as popular--or more--includes the addition of alcohol. Jagger bombs are one of the most popular choices and involve a shot of Jagger in half a high ball glass of RedBull. The Gallion Bull is another variation on this original recipe and is made of 1 shot Gallion with 3 ounces of Red Bull. Mixing Skyy Vodka with RedBull is a shooter that is popular with the night crowd. However, there have been some studies that show that mixing energy drinks with alcohol can have negative effects, so it is important that these deinks be consumed with caution.

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