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Red Stallion and Its Claims

With the current craze over energy drinks still going strong, it is no surprise that Red Stallion is becoming a serious competitor. Energy drinks are high in demand because they give people what they most need to get through each day, complete all their obligations, and overcome persistent fatigue: increased energy. People have begun to rely on energy drinks for that daily jolt of energy at key times during the day when energy levels begin to wane. Although there are many different varieties from which people can choose, some are significantly better tasting, more effective, or healthier than others. Red Stallion is one option that is trying to gain a competitive edge on the market by offering something new.

Red Stallion Facts

Red Stallion is one type of energy drink that is lately making headlines in the energy drink scene. It is made in the United States, unlike many other energy drink options, and has been ranked number one in the Energy Drink Showdown sponsored by U.Magazine. Because Redbull was the first primary energy drink in the United States, it has long had a corner on the market that other brands find hard to overcome, but Red Stallion is making serious strides toward challenging the supremacy of the Redbull. One of Red Stallion's primary claims is that it is a great tasting--better tasting--energy drink than all the other options. If challenging the long-standing popularity of Redbull is its goal, emphasizing the great taste of Red Stallion could be the way to go because although Redbull has always been known for its effectiveness, its taste has been its weakpoint.

The ingredients in Red Stallion are not strikingly different from those in any other energy drink beverage, at least as far as the primary active ingredients are concerned. Red Stallion is made with taurine, niacin, caffeine, D-glucuronolactone, and complex B-vitamins, a combination that--as its makers declare--not only gives you energy but leaves you feeling healthy and refreshed, as well. Additionally, it is one of the few energy drink brands that offer a diet version for those consumers watching their weight or sugar intake.

Red Stallion is also taking advantage of the market for energy drink alcoholic cocktails by now offering the beverage in three gallon bag-in-boxes for beverage dispensing systems in bars and clubs. Its advertising promotions also include marketing the drink for use in alcoholic cocktails, mixing Red Stallion with vodka at many of its promotions. With all the hype that is currently surrounding Red Stallion, it seems worth it to give it a try if you are part of the energy drink crowd.

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