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Drink Ingredients: Beverages for Energy

Energy drink ingredients are the element primarily responsible for the current energy drink craze and growing popularity. Because there is a quite a variety of energy drinks available, the list of ingredients in these new beverages is widely variable. The ingredients in each drink have a big effect on many aspects of the beverage. The chemicals, compounds, herbs, and vitamins in each drink affect the taste, the type of energy produced, its duration, its health-related properties, etc. Some of the ingredients in energy drinks are more noticeable than others, such as the ones responsible for taste or the amount of sugar. Others are important for the health qualities they are purported to have, such as B vitamins or ginseng.

Energy Drink Ingredients Help You Choose

Energy drink ingredients are one of the ways people distinguish between the energy drinks they like and are willing to try and the ones that they ignore. There are many different kinds of ingredients that can be in energy drinks, so the exact combinations are almost endless. As far as the ingredients responsible for the energy high, it is possible to have caffeine, taurine, or guarana. In addition to the energy compounds, sugar is often of importance in energy drinks. If a drink has a large amount of sugar, the energetic high it produces can be ephemeral and short-lived and cause a crash in energy once the sugar works its way out of the bloodstream.

Another ingredient that can have serious effects is sodium. Many energy drinks have a high sodium content, and this can be problematic for some drinkers, especially those on sodium-restrictive diets. Additionally, there has lately been some discussion over possible health dangers resulting from the combination of large amounts of sodium and caffeine. Whether this is only important for people with pre-existing heart conditions or important to everyone, it is something that should be considered. Citrus flavoring or green leaf tea are common ingredients that affect the taste of the energy drinks. Although the list of the ingredients in energy drinks can be extensive and complex, a thorough examination of it can help you determine which drink is right for you. The ingredients in Energy Fizz, for example, can be very different from those in RedBull, Hype, or Wired X3000.

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