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Energy Fizz: Get Your Fizz On

Trying new energy drinks can be fun and Energy Fizz is definitely one to be considered. Most energy drinks come in a stylish can that can sometimes be a nuissance to bring with you when you're on the go. If you're looking for a fix to this problem, look into trying Energy Fizz energy drink.

Instead of coming in a can, energy fizz comes in a tube. A tube? Yes, and not only in a tube, but also as a powder. There aren't many products like this, and energy fizz did it right. The tube has a cap that can be closed so that nothing spills and it can easily fit in your pocket or in a purse. Mixing it with your favorite drink also makes it quite enjoyable. The tube comes with enough powder to make a 16 ounce drink with a strong kick. Whether you have a big exam the next day or you have to pull an all-nighter for the office, Energy Fizz will keep you going.

What's in Energy Fizz?

Ingredients are very important when it comes energy drinks. Energy Fizz has kept a great balance between taste, health, and kick. This energy drink has a large quantity of healthy vitamins like B12, B6, C, and E. You also get doses of thiamin, green tea, and potassium. Caffeine is also present in the energy support blend along with taurine, ginsensg root extract, green tea leaf extract and others. This energy support blend will pump you up and keep you going for hours. Just mix it with water or a clear beverage and prepare for a kick.

When you mix in the powder, make sure you add it slowly. This drink isn't called Energy Fizz for nothing. If the powder is added all at once you will soon be witnessing a fruit-flavored volcano. You will have a mess on your hands due to the fizz overflowing. Following the simple directions on the tube will help to prevent this from happening.

Where can I buy this drink mix? If you have looked all day in stores in your town, you might want to stop. Energy Fizz is not available in stores yet. You can only purchase it online at the Energy Fizz website linked above. Ordering a 3-tube sample pack will only cost $6.99 with free shipping and should arrive in a few days. This energy drink is most definitely worth trying. For more information, check out the website and try this great drink for yourself!

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