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For those people looking for a healthier energy drink, FRS Plus may be a great one to try. Many of the energy drinks on the market today are gaining in popularity because of their effectiveness and the way they boost energy levels when people need it most. However, there is much debate about the possible negative effects of many of these energy beverages because of certain ingredients they contain, overuse, and consumption during athletic activities. Because these energy drinks have been popular with a wide range of athletes, especially those competing in extreme sports, FRS Plus has been developed as a healthier sports-drink version of energy drinks.

Health Benefits of FRS Plus

FRS Plus is a unique energy drink because it was developed with more than just increasing energy in mind. FRS Plus is geared toward promoting better overall health, and for this reason many of the ingredients —if not most—in this drink have documented positive health benefits. The active ingredients in most energy drinks have been one of the primary reasons why so many of the energy beverages are not suited for use by athletes or why they can be associated with health concerns. For example, many of the most popular brands contain excessive levels of caffeine and sugar, which can result in dehydration, sudden crashes in energy, and other negative reactions. FRS Plus, however, is focused on maintaining good health and promoting healthy cell function.

FRS Plus is actually designated as a sports drink more than as an energy drink, although it does dramatically boost energy levels. After being mixed with water, it creates a refreshing orange beverage that is safe for use by athletes or average people. There are two different versions of the drink: one is the regular version with 110 calories and the alternative is the low-carb option that has only 20 calories. Although it does have taurine in its list of active ingredients, taurine is not the ingredient that is most emphasized, unlike other energy drinks.

One of the biggest claims of FRS Plus is that it helps protect and rebuild healthy cells. FRS Plus actually stands for Free Radical Scavenger, which refers to the fact that many of the ingredients in this drink work to find and eliminate free radicals throughout the body that can cause cell damage. Two of the main ingredients are quercetin and green tea extracts, both of which are effective anti-oxidants. Quercetin is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-histamine, and the anti-oxidants in green tea extract have been shown to be more effective than vitamin C. In addition to these two powerful substances, FRS Plus also includes B complex vitamins and vitamins C and E.

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