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The Differences of Shark

Nowadays, there are a variety of energy drinks that all claim to offer something new and differnt, and Shark is no exception. All energy drinks claim to boost energy to help people continue their daily and physical activities, but some drinks boast other healthful qualities in addition to increasing energy levels. One of the reasons that some energy drinks tend to emphasize their healthful qualities is that many of these drinks, because of the exceptionally high levels of caffeine and sugar, are actually far from being healthy, despite their success in the energy aspect. Shark has taken a new approach to creating an energy drink and is promoting the drink as a healthy way to increase energy, improve concentration, and better the overall well-being of the body.

Reasons to Try Shark

Shark is actually an energy drink that comes from Austria, but it is gaining popularity around the world because of its different qualities. According to the information Shark distributes about its product, its ingredients are the primary distinguishing factor from other energy drink beverages. Nearly all the energy drink varieties available contain caffeine, but the preferred--or most common--type of caffeine seems to be synthetic caffeine. Shark, on the other hand, relies on only natural caffeine that comes from the coffee bean or guarana plant. The presence of dextrose, or grape sugar, is another benefit because it helps the other carbohydrates in the drink, resulting in better, longer-lasting energy fuel for the body. A third ingredient that sets Shark apart from the rest is the protein Lysine.

In addition to these energy-elevating ingredients, glucuronalactone also serves an important function in the energy drink by helping to flush toxins out the body. As a result, Shark not only boosts energy but also helps improve concentration. Taurine works with glucuronalactone to help carry toxins out the body and aid in brain performance, again resulting in increased physical and mental energy. The B vitamins included in the drink help to balance the red and white blood cells in the body and maintain a healthy metabolism, while inositol functions in the liver, helping to remove excess fats.

If all these health effects are not enough to convince you to give Shark a try, you should also think about the taste of the drink. Many energy drinks are known to be effective in boosting energy and helping physical performance, but they also have a reputation for having a less-than-desirable flavor with a sometimes bitter aftertaste. Because Shark's flavor is light, fruity and refreshing, it offers a welcome change to the overpowering and strong tastes of the other energy drink varieties.

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