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An energy drink is a topic of discussion lately because there has been more debate over the safety and possible effects of energy drinks and increased or excessive consumption. Energy drinks are a product that is high in demand and incredibly popular because most people's lives are overworked and too busy. To compensate for overly demanding schedules and too little sleep, many people turn to the energizing functions of energy drinks to give a momentary burst of life and allow them to complete all of their responsibilities and activities. However, in spite of all this popularity, there is still controversy over the safety of energy drinks and suitability for daily use.

Energy Drink Report and Discussion

The exact information included in an energy drink report can vary depending on exactly what the report is aiming to investigate or prove. Many reports relating to energy drinks deal with the ingredients that produce the sudden surge in energy. It has been found that the most common ingredients in energy drinks that are responsible for the energy and stimulant effect are taurine, caffeine, and guarana, or a combination of some of them. In addition, though, many energy drinks want to present a healthier image and create a product that is beneficial to people's health, so it is common to find echinacea, B vitamins, and other minerals included in the ingredient list.

In addition to an energy drink report concerning ingredients, there have been many reports about energy drinks lately that have aroused quite a bit of interest and discussion. A potential problem with energy drinks is their high levels of certain ingredients. For example, many energy drinks have very high levels of caffeine, sodium, or sugar, and therefore these drinks can have serious health effects. Drinks very high in caffeine can have serious effects for athletes because they can contribute to dehydration and hinder rehydration and recovery after intense workouts or competition.

A similar energy drink report concerns mixing energy drinks with alcohol. This popular combination has become increasingly popular in recent years, and as a result it has stimulated serious investigation because of the potential dangers. There have been many reports, especially in European countries, describing the hazards of mixing alcohol with strong energy drinks. Because this has been a trend most common in college age students, these reports have elicited quite a bit of concern and medical reactions against the common practice. For those people concerned about the possible effects of energy drinks, numerous scientific and other reports can be found on the Internet describing many different aspects of the popular drinks.

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