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Packaging Schemes & Energy: Popular Drink Designs

Energy drink packaging, like the packaging of any product, is a powerful marketing tool. The packaging of any product has a powerful impact on the product's success or failure because it catches the consumer's attention, conveys important information about the product, and creates certain feelings or assumptions in the potential consumer. Some products tend to rely on subtle packaging that relates important information without being too flashy, while other products rely on the shock value of packaging to catch the attention of consumers and convince them to try the product. Because there are so many brands and types of energy drinks, energy drink packaging creates the first impression for each one.

The Aims of Energy Drink Packaging

Energy drink packaging is more often flashy and bright than subtle and understated. The primary consumer group of energy drinks includes extreme sports enthusiasts, young adults and teenagers, and the hip-hop crowd. This is either one of the reasons that or the result of the fact that many energy drinks are sponsored or created by extreme sports teams, hip hop stars, etc. Because this crowd is a group excited by speed, energy, flash, and instant thrill, most energy drink packaging appeals to these tastes.

The exact style of energy drink packaging will vary depending on the container that holds the energy drink. Most energy drinks that are in cans feature metallic colors and simple designs that are easily identifiable as representing a specific brand. Drinks that are packaged in plastic bottles or other containers will likewise have vivid colors and usually a singular logo that is simple and clearly related to the name of the product. Most energy drink packaging schemes are so distinctive that regular energy drink consumers could identify a drink by a quick glance at the product container.

Another aspect of energy drink packaging that is less exciting but more important is the information about the drink that the packaging provides. Energy drink labels are required to provide specific nutritional information and details just like other food and beverage products. This information includes main ingredients, amounts of sugar, sodium, carbohydrates, etc., and any potential health danger warnings. People who are trying an energy drink for the first time or who have known allergies or food reactions should carefully read energy drink packaging before consumption to avoid potential health problems. In addition, reading the labels of various brands of energy drinks can help new consumers choose which drink they would like to try. Although the nutritional information provided cannot give a specific account of how one particular consumer will like a given drink, it can give clues about possible side effects and taste. For example, if a drink has much sugar, it is likely that the drinker will experience a sudden crash in energy after the effects of the drink wear off, and a drink that contains citrus flavoring will likely have an orange taste.

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