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Energy Supplements and Dangers: Caution with Drink

With the growing popularity of energy drinks over the recent years, there has also been growing concern over energy drink dangers. Energy drinks have been especially popular beverage choices because they claim to give consumers what many of them most need--an added boost of energy to get through the day. With all the hectic activities and daily demands, people's energy levels often run low and fatigue is persistent. Sometimes, a tiny of jolt of energy is all that is needed to survive the day, and these energy drinks offer this boost.

Facts about Energy Drink Dangers

Energy drink dangers can be unduly exaggerated or ignored, but most of the time the dangers are only a concern when the drinks are consumed too frequently or used at the wrong times. In today's culture, it is easy for people to go to any extreme because few people act in moderation. A popular mentality seems to be that if one energy drink is good for a quick boost of energy, two, three, or four will be better to sustain energy throughout the day. This is where the problem emerges because these drinks were not meant to be consumed so frequently. The maximum recommended consumption is two drinks--or less--a day, but it is better if the drinks are not consumed on a daily basis, either.

Clearly, the reason energy drink dangers exist is because of the active ingredients in the drink. Although none of the ingredients in the drinks is problematic or dangerout in itself, potential problems arise when these ingredients are found in such high concentrations or when the drinks are used at particular times. In terms of the amount of ingredients, sugar, sodium, and caffeine are the primary ingredients that could be dangerous. Some energy drinks contain very high levels of sugar, which can be dangerous for diabetics or people with high- or low-blood sugar concerns. Additionally, the high level of sugar in a drink can cause a sudden crash in energy levels once the sugar quickly leaves the bloodstream. This is not necessarily a dangerous effect, but it is not beneficial.

One of the primary energy drink dangers of late has been related to use of the energy drinks by competitive athletes. Partly because of marketing and partly because of athletes' desires to get an added edge during competition, these drinks are being increasingly used before, during or after workouts. However, this can be especially dangerous because these drinks were not designed with this use in mind. Because of the high sodium, sugar and caffeine content, they are not created to help replenish essential elements lost during intense workouts, and the caffeine can have a diuretic and dehydrating effect--the opposite of what is needed. Although this is only one specific danger, there are others that should be considered, as well. The important thing to remember is to use the energy drinks according to recommended specifications and to inform yourself about potential effects and reactions before consumption.

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