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Comparison of Energy Drink Products

When deciding to try an energy drink, comparison factors may be helpful in your decision. The energy drink market is growing at an increased rate, and each drink has its own distinct taste. These drinks are concocted to inncrease stamina and physical performance. Many students use these drinks to pull 'all-nighters' before final exams and they can eventually become addictive to the person.

The main ingredients in these drinks are caffeine, taurine, and glucuronolactone. The caffeine in these drinks is the major concern due to its effects on the cerntral nervous system. Many people ignore the effects that it can cause since the extra boost they need outweighs the negative aspect of the drink.

Energy Drink Comparison

If you are looking for that extra boost, for whatever reason you desire, head out to your local grocery store and see what different drinks that they offer. Upon seeing them, you'll want to know which drink to pick from, so it's good to have an energy drink comparison to choose by.

The three most popular energy drinks currently on the market would have to be Red Bull, KMX, and Full Throttle. All three products taste nowhere near alike and most don't taste good at all. Many have said that you have to acquire the taste for the drink. If you're looking for a quick boost, go with Red Bull. It is by far the most popular drink, being advertised alongside of animated characters getting wings after drinking this product. KMX and Red Bull have similarly sized cans, and Red Bull feels a lot better going down. KMX will leave you with a burning feeling in the back of your throat that is very unpleasant. There should be a label on the back of the can saying,"Drink with a gallon of water." You will leap for the faucet after downing a full can of KMX due to its burning sensation.

Coca-cola has released a product called Full Throttle. It is in a sixteen ounce can that is very menacing, being black with an original design on the front. Upon tasting full throttle, I was very much more impressed. The taste didn't make my eyes twitch or my throat burn. In fact, it was very enjoyable. I did not drink alot, so the energy factor was unknown, but overall, Coca-cola's Full Throttle is your best bet.

If you are still skeptical on an energy drink, search around the internet or ask your friends for tips on picking a drink. Your best bet is to try them all and see which on tastes the best and gives you the boost that you need. Remember to drink with caution, because too much caffeine is very hazardous towards your health.

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