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Reviews and Comments on Energy Drink Options

With the ever growing number of choices, it makes sense to take a look at our energy drink reviews before you become addicted to the wrong one. While most people have heard of RedBull, there are already well over a hundred energy drinks that you may not have heard about.

Want to know the choices? Want to know what you're missing? Just read on.

This section of Fact Expert is filled with energy drink reviews to make sure that you get the best info on this new beverage category.

Energy Drink Reviews: 1st Step

Before you tackle individual energy drink reviews, take a look at some of the background info provided in our other articles. Check out energy drink history and some details on energy drink ingredients like taurine.

Understand that there's potential for side effects from some of those ingredients.

With a large number of brands already on the market, we'll try to keep up with them for you but you should also visit some other resources to get varied opinions. Here's a few of the websites that have good information on them:

Dan "energy" Man - This has got to be THE definitive site on energy drinks. Dan's pushed himself to personally review well over 100 different brands of drink including one that he calls a "mistake gone horribly wrong". No wonder Yahoo features his site as a "best of" site.

Energy Drinks @ NiftyGeek.com - Patrick Vincent has done a nice job with providing reviews and info about ingredients. There's also a rating system that gives a Buz Factor and an Overall Rating for a good number of drinks.

Energydrinkreviews.com - Jason has reviewed dozens of energy drinks and included pictures, rating and prices. Kinda cool that he includes reviews of Energy Candy and even some Caffine Soap.

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